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Monday, September 26, 2011

Task 1 - Children's Drama

TASK 1: Single Camera Formats           [1.1, 2.1, 22.1]
Collect background material on Children’s drama series.
1.    a report on the conventions of the genre (form and content) #conventions [1.1, 22.1]


: I am going to write a report on codes and conventions of the genre: Children’s drama. This will cover what this particular children’s drama has to stick to, the things I expect to happen, the things I expect to see, and the rules which must be followed when creating a children’s drama.

First I am going to cover the rules that you must follow.

-          The set must be safe at all times. You cannot allow children onto a set knowing that there are dangerous objects in the immediate area. If anything was to happen, the drama could be jeopardised and there may be claims made against the company responsible. This is very bad for any company as costs will rise and members of the cast will be lost.
-          Leading of from the first point, you will require having a license to support children coming onto the set. Having this license will also permit children to be on set for a period of time. This period is designated by the creator of the license.

There is health and safety, safe working practices but I will cover this more in task 3. For the moment I will give a short brief into what is to follow.
Health and safety
Smoking, Drinking and drug use
Sexual scenes
….. And much more!

This Drama series has to stick to the children’s drama genre. It has to appeal to children and entertain them for further viewing purposes. It will show children a mirror image of what they or someone else may be like, Showing happiness, sadness, joy, activities e.g. sports day at school.

When watching a children’s drama, I visualise a scene either in a house or school with children running around in a playground, or young lads play fighting in a bedroom or house. I expect to see colourful images and sets with games and clothing smothered everywhere. I expect children to be wearing school clothes and different emotions for different characters/roles.

I expect to hear and see a loud environment with quick movement and a fair share of laughter and joy amongst the children. In some cases, there may be slight cases of comedy but mostly entertainment on a level that children can appreciate and understand. In some cases there may be magical enchantment, aliens or even explosions which entertain the young mind even more.

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