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Friday, October 14, 2011


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“Furry Friends”
For our children’s drama, we are introducing a child by the name of ABBY into the world of bullying. She will be put into a scenario where 3 older girls will be bullying her. There will be animal subjects by the names of BARNEY and SMOKEY. This short film will be set in more than one location, for example, Meridon’s house, outside a school and on a public road. 
ABBY is a standalone girl who does not have any friends. She has two animals which start to resemble human figures in her mind; they later turn into her friends and give her advice on certain problems and how to sort them out. (Pranks will be carried out, justice will be made!)
Stage 1 – Abby walking to school by herself.
Abby introduces herself through a voice over. She explains her life, age, the school and what year she is in. There are 2 actions in this stage. 1 is a school bell ringing in the distance and the 2ND is Abby running off into school as well as the teacher’s voice being heard in the distance. Abby say’s she will see you soon.
Stage 2 – Abby leaving school, making her journey home, and reading her favourite book.
The first part of this scene is Abby giggling at her book as she reading it on her way home, the accidentally walking into an older girl. 2 other girls appear at this point, the scene continues to show signs of aggression.
There are quite a few actions in this scene, covering from, Abby clenching her book into her arms, girls with evil expressions on their faces, the book being snatched and then thrown into bushes. Abby is forced into getting down onto her hands and knees at this point to look for the book. The girls do not stick around but do laugh while running off into the distance.
Stage 3 – Abby’s dinning room.
There are 2 animals present at the dinning room table. Abby explains that it has happened again. This shows that the bullying has happened before. She is told to cheer up by her animals and that she is better than the bully’s.
There is 2 know actions present here. 1 is Abby crying into her arms, she stops crying and looks at her two animal friends. The shot then fades out while all three of them talk.
Stage 4 – Abby’s dinning room.
This is just a short scene where the animals and Abby are going through the cupboards, looking for items to use. They have a check list which Smokey the cat is ticking off as they go.

Stage 5 – Road to school.
The two animals in this scene are hiding in a bush and Abby is hiding under her mum’s car. Rosie, one of the bullies, is then seen walking down stairs listening to music. She opens a door and a bucket of flour falls. At this stage in the scene, Rosie is looking rather confused as to why a bucket of flour was placed there.  She questions how put the flour there. Abby is lying under the car and looks at Barney (dog) and Smokey (cat) with a very disappointed expression on her face.
At a later stage, Sophie is walking down the street by herself when an egg goes flying past her. She also questions who did that? Where did that come from? Worried, she runs off. Abby then say’s “one left, let’s do this one”.
Stage 6 – Outside Emily’s house.
 All three are hiding from Emily with water balloons at hand.
Abby then announces that she is coming. Emily then walks out from her house and Abby launches 3 water balloons at Emily. Emily is standing there in a pool of water crying. She say’s “Please, please stop” and then runs back into her house. Abby then smiles at Smokey and Barney.
Stage 7 – Abby is walking to school.
The three girls begin to walk towards her. Abby has a scared expression on her face. The three girls continue to walk straight past Abby, Leaving a smile on her face. She then carries on with her trip home whilst Barney and Smokey wait patiently for her. They all walk off into the distance and barney turns and say’s “I don’t think they will be bothering you anymore”.