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Monday, January 30, 2012

Notes- Character Archetypes

Aim: To understand different character types in thriller.

Protagonist: Good people - Are not aware of who is actually aligned with them.
Antagonist: Bad guys

Dramatic Irony: The viewers know more than the character.
Character Archetypes: Protagonist <- False Hero -> Antagonist

Handicap Protagonist - Paul Sheldon
                                 - Broken Legs - Bone Collectors
                                 - Rear Window
-> Physical Handicap
-> Mental Handicap

Picaresque Hero - Use wits and charm to escape problems.
Unaware Hero - Become Involved in a plot by mistake.
-> Mistaken Identity

Unreliable Narration -
Women in Peril -

Government - Conspiracy thriller: -> Agencies

Companies - Conglomerates
Manipulator -
Criminals - Murderers/Assassins/Kidnappers
Handicapped - Deformed
Absent Villain/Supernatural

Editing Evaluation

When editing, I found it to be very advanced for what I knew about it. The programme and the features that came with it were very confusing. I had to learn how to use it and quick, so I set off in working out some of the tools uses, the video and sound manipulation, and the cutting and cropping tools. 

When I eventually began to work the effects and tools that were used in Adobe Premier, It was relatively easy to manipulate the footage you had. It was also fairly easy to place transitions into the clips to create intervals for the following scene. In the end, I did not go into any major depth with the editing as I wasn’t sure the outcome would be suitable for the children’s drama. 

I managed to overcome any issues whilst editing and found the task to be fairly simple but also very long and time consuming. It took at least 3 weeks of total time on the editing to complete the production for viewing. A total overall time of about 1 ½ months was spent working on the edits and the recordings. This was just to get them up to scratch. Some edits were not used at all, but I did not throw them away.