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Monday, May 14, 2012

Press Pack

Press Pack
-       Primary Proposal – Creating a website.
Requirements to fulfil – Create a valid website giving in-depth explanations as to what the film is about and how it will appeal to my target audience. To show the effect it had on viewers that had either viewed a preview of the film through a short video trailer or heard about the film through other sources such as friends, family, posters, TV and radio. To place a preview of my movie onto the webpage for the interests of viewers. To create a forum for general Q&A sessions and much more.
For this proposal, I intend on using social media sites to advertise the web page. Sites such as Twitter, Facebook etc, will be used to spread the word and increase the amount of viewers/readers.
-       Secondary Proposal – Promotional Poster.
Requirements to fulfil – To create an interactive poster. The poster will be fully interactive, allowing the user to click on names, titles, and dates. This further allows the user to learn more about an actor or even the film in general. To click on release dates and titles of the film will bring up internet pages that will inform fully (Film – Description).
For this proposal, I plan on using my first proposal (Website), to advertise the interactive poster. To implement this idea, I will place the poster on the webpage so that it is the first thing to be seen, almost as if it were the homepage. Then from there it will be linked to different parts of the site from the poster.