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Monday, January 23, 2012

Insidious Codes and Conventions

Insidious Codes and Conventions
The Narrative:
 This is a story about 2 young boys, the baby, the mother and their father. The son, Dalton, fell into a coma after seeing spiritual beings. It was believed he would not awaken from this coma and was placed under the care of his mother. His father would leave for work in the mornings and not come home until the following morning. He would say “I’m sorry; I had to stay behind to complete some exams”.  Later in the film, the mother starts to capture movement in the corners of her eyes. She starts to see grown men and little children running around the house.
She becomes very worried and wants to leave the house. She explains this to her husband when he comes home from another long night at work. He sees that she is scared to death and makes the move to move houses.  When they get to the new house, the mother realises the entities have followed them. They ask for help from a friend who then refers them onto someone she knows. A woman then appears with her 2 associates and begins to scan the house for the unknown. They get a few shocking surprises with close up contact. The older women then proceeds by creating a board event that allows the spirits to talk to the host. There is a lot of movement and action in this part of the film. The woman conducting the ceremony reveals that Dalton is a traveller with the ability of leaving his physical body and then travelling into an alternate world. She reveals that his spiritual body is trapped in a place called the further. This place is not for the living and that the entities are trying to gain access to his empty physical body. The woman reveals that Josh (the father) is also a traveller. He has to go into this world and seek out Dalton in the Further, and bring him back.