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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Editing Evaluation

Editing Evaluation
-          When I edited our children’s drama, I used a programme called Adobe Premier Pro. This programme lets you edit movie clips and sounds with ease. It also includes many features that help to improve the overall outlook of you short productions.

-          Everything we used was stored on a portable hard drive and a specific computer. This helped to prevent data loss and confusion as to where the data was stored.

-          When editing, we had to overcome a few big problems. One of the main problems was data being moved from one location to another. Although the data was stored on a hard drive, we still had issues with finding it. On some occasions, the clips we had filmed were not on the hard drive at all but were still on the cameras memory card. This problem was solved by only putting the clips onto one of the group members’ account. It would only be used from that account so we all ended up knowing the users password.

-          Although we had many scenes with a film, we did not get confused by which scenes would be used and which would be thrown away, this task was relatively easy and controlled.

-          On some of the filming days we had planned, it was almost certain that someone would not show up. We overcome this problem with ease as the crew we not in the film to begin with. All our actors were present when they needed to be.

·         On a positive note, Premier Pro uses many great features to help improve your work. For example, adding effects. You start by clicking on the effects tab; this will bring down a drop down menu that has 5 different choices to choose from. You can either choose an effect, a transition or use the search box to look for more choices.

·         When you have finished creating the film, you will need to save the film in the format of DV PAL, 48KHZ and in widescreen. In this format, you will gain the best visual effects and the best quality sound.

·         Although the overall experience was tedious and not very positive. We still managed to pull it off with flying colours. There was so much confusion and concentration put into making the production that the worry about making mistakes was so high. We saved the file after every small move as the computer kept on freezing in the middle of something, Scenes were being deleted and clips were being cut to short. In the end we brought it together and made something very promising.

-          In conclusion, I worked out that using Premier Pro is relatively easy and effective. Working together with a group of people is much more production friendly and helps get all different aspects of a short movie into place. I enjoyed creating the film and was very excited to see it.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Internet safety/support - Hacking

-Hacking is a federal crime that happens on a day to day basis. In most situations, hacking goes unnoticed but on certain occasions it will be noticed. a few examples of high security breaches will be through such sources like government sites. For example, Criminal databases, Social security databases etc.

-Many attempts to hack will fail, but all are noticed regardless of the severity. There are many laws against hacking, for example, Computer Misuse Act, Data Protection Act etc. All cases will be immediately referred to a court and they all have sever consequences.

Internet Safety/Support - Internet Protocol's and the Security Icon

-Every single Internet page is checked and scanned for compatibility, security and validity. To show how this is present on a web page, you will see a padlock icon on the screen.

-The padlock on Internet Explorer is present on the bottom right of the page.
-The padlock on Mozilla is present in the search bar at the top of the page.
-The padlock on Google Chrome is present in the left of the search bar at the top of the page.

-Compatibility is not as easy to find. It will come under the tools tab at the top of the page.
-On Google Chrome, you will find the compatibility mode on the right side of the page.

-Validity usually works alongside of the security icon. If it is not present, this usually means there is no vital need for the presence of the icon as the page you are viewing is either government controlled or has been checked and approved. In this case, the page may have a tick on it.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Internet safety/support - You and your education

- Sooner or later you are going to be heading into your secondary schools. For the majority of children, this can be a very anxious time due to the new environment you are being placed into. Unfortunately you have no option but to start school as it is a compulsory part of your life and education. As the days turn into weeks and the weeks turn into months, You will make new friends and if your unfortunate to do so... a few enemies.

- On several occasions, you will find yourself in uncomfortable situations that you may not be able to get out of alone. The majority of staff members will tell you to walk away from a bully, it is not necessary to stand up to them. Doing so will give you self confidence and the knowledge that the bully did not get what they wanted.

- If the scenario becomes a bit more then just a confrontation, You should probably take the matter to a member of staff or your parents. You may find it easier talking to your friends about this but there is little your friends can do, other than stick up for you. This then means you have brought others into the mix, somewhat making you the bully.

- Members of staff and parents are more capable of solving a problem such as bullying so it would be wise to have a chat with your selected choice of person/people. There is no reason to be afraid of a bully as this only eggs them on to bully you that little bit more. There is also a lot of organizations out there to help you out if you do not think your teachers or parents can do anything to help. They will keep everything you say private and can give you the support you need to make the right choices.