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Monday, November 14, 2011

Royalty Payments

When an artist or creator has created a piece of work, every time that work is shown or played (a TV programme, a song), a payment must be sent to them by the company that chooses to play/use it. Sometimes DVDs of TV shows have to be edited as they don’t have enough money or the permission to pay for certain material.


Saying something that cannot be backed up by evidence, which causes defamation of character. It is a heavy legal issue, and many celebrities sue for libel. Kate Winslet always sues (images of her have been photo shopped or airbrush, Daily Mail lied about her exercise regime and she got £25,000 from the newspaper and an apology – cheek!).


This is a prevention of images that are harmful to the public, production companies and casting crew / Actors. Certain companies have the rights to edit screenplays or to pixalate images that are harmful to the viewer. They must gain permissions from the original creator of the picture before they can edit or change the image.

A recent example will be such films as " The Human Centipede 2 ". This film was very inappropriate and had to be shortened by 2 minutes for it to be appropriate to be viewed and distributed.