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Monday, May 14, 2012

Press Pack

Press Pack
-       Primary Proposal – Creating a website.
Requirements to fulfil – Create a valid website giving in-depth explanations as to what the film is about and how it will appeal to my target audience. To show the effect it had on viewers that had either viewed a preview of the film through a short video trailer or heard about the film through other sources such as friends, family, posters, TV and radio. To place a preview of my movie onto the webpage for the interests of viewers. To create a forum for general Q&A sessions and much more.
For this proposal, I intend on using social media sites to advertise the web page. Sites such as Twitter, Facebook etc, will be used to spread the word and increase the amount of viewers/readers.
-       Secondary Proposal – Promotional Poster.
Requirements to fulfil – To create an interactive poster. The poster will be fully interactive, allowing the user to click on names, titles, and dates. This further allows the user to learn more about an actor or even the film in general. To click on release dates and titles of the film will bring up internet pages that will inform fully (Film – Description).
For this proposal, I plan on using my first proposal (Website), to advertise the interactive poster. To implement this idea, I will place the poster on the webpage so that it is the first thing to be seen, almost as if it were the homepage. Then from there it will be linked to different parts of the site from the poster.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Editing Evaluation

Editing Evaluation
-          When I edited our children’s drama, I used a programme called Adobe Premier Pro. This programme lets you edit movie clips and sounds with ease. It also includes many features that help to improve the overall outlook of you short productions.

-          Everything we used was stored on a portable hard drive and a specific computer. This helped to prevent data loss and confusion as to where the data was stored.

-          When editing, we had to overcome a few big problems. One of the main problems was data being moved from one location to another. Although the data was stored on a hard drive, we still had issues with finding it. On some occasions, the clips we had filmed were not on the hard drive at all but were still on the cameras memory card. This problem was solved by only putting the clips onto one of the group members’ account. It would only be used from that account so we all ended up knowing the users password.

-          Although we had many scenes with a film, we did not get confused by which scenes would be used and which would be thrown away, this task was relatively easy and controlled.

-          On some of the filming days we had planned, it was almost certain that someone would not show up. We overcome this problem with ease as the crew we not in the film to begin with. All our actors were present when they needed to be.

·         On a positive note, Premier Pro uses many great features to help improve your work. For example, adding effects. You start by clicking on the effects tab; this will bring down a drop down menu that has 5 different choices to choose from. You can either choose an effect, a transition or use the search box to look for more choices.

·         When you have finished creating the film, you will need to save the film in the format of DV PAL, 48KHZ and in widescreen. In this format, you will gain the best visual effects and the best quality sound.

·         Although the overall experience was tedious and not very positive. We still managed to pull it off with flying colours. There was so much confusion and concentration put into making the production that the worry about making mistakes was so high. We saved the file after every small move as the computer kept on freezing in the middle of something, Scenes were being deleted and clips were being cut to short. In the end we brought it together and made something very promising.

-          In conclusion, I worked out that using Premier Pro is relatively easy and effective. Working together with a group of people is much more production friendly and helps get all different aspects of a short movie into place. I enjoyed creating the film and was very excited to see it.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Internet safety/support - Hacking

-Hacking is a federal crime that happens on a day to day basis. In most situations, hacking goes unnoticed but on certain occasions it will be noticed. a few examples of high security breaches will be through such sources like government sites. For example, Criminal databases, Social security databases etc.

-Many attempts to hack will fail, but all are noticed regardless of the severity. There are many laws against hacking, for example, Computer Misuse Act, Data Protection Act etc. All cases will be immediately referred to a court and they all have sever consequences.

Internet Safety/Support - Internet Protocol's and the Security Icon

-Every single Internet page is checked and scanned for compatibility, security and validity. To show how this is present on a web page, you will see a padlock icon on the screen.

-The padlock on Internet Explorer is present on the bottom right of the page.
-The padlock on Mozilla is present in the search bar at the top of the page.
-The padlock on Google Chrome is present in the left of the search bar at the top of the page.

-Compatibility is not as easy to find. It will come under the tools tab at the top of the page.
-On Google Chrome, you will find the compatibility mode on the right side of the page.

-Validity usually works alongside of the security icon. If it is not present, this usually means there is no vital need for the presence of the icon as the page you are viewing is either government controlled or has been checked and approved. In this case, the page may have a tick on it.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Internet safety/support - You and your education

- Sooner or later you are going to be heading into your secondary schools. For the majority of children, this can be a very anxious time due to the new environment you are being placed into. Unfortunately you have no option but to start school as it is a compulsory part of your life and education. As the days turn into weeks and the weeks turn into months, You will make new friends and if your unfortunate to do so... a few enemies.

- On several occasions, you will find yourself in uncomfortable situations that you may not be able to get out of alone. The majority of staff members will tell you to walk away from a bully, it is not necessary to stand up to them. Doing so will give you self confidence and the knowledge that the bully did not get what they wanted.

- If the scenario becomes a bit more then just a confrontation, You should probably take the matter to a member of staff or your parents. You may find it easier talking to your friends about this but there is little your friends can do, other than stick up for you. This then means you have brought others into the mix, somewhat making you the bully.

- Members of staff and parents are more capable of solving a problem such as bullying so it would be wise to have a chat with your selected choice of person/people. There is no reason to be afraid of a bully as this only eggs them on to bully you that little bit more. There is also a lot of organizations out there to help you out if you do not think your teachers or parents can do anything to help. They will keep everything you say private and can give you the support you need to make the right choices.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Notes- Character Archetypes

Aim: To understand different character types in thriller.

Protagonist: Good people - Are not aware of who is actually aligned with them.
Antagonist: Bad guys

Dramatic Irony: The viewers know more than the character.
Character Archetypes: Protagonist <- False Hero -> Antagonist

Handicap Protagonist - Paul Sheldon
                                 - Broken Legs - Bone Collectors
                                 - Rear Window
-> Physical Handicap
-> Mental Handicap

Picaresque Hero - Use wits and charm to escape problems.
Unaware Hero - Become Involved in a plot by mistake.
-> Mistaken Identity

Unreliable Narration -
Women in Peril -

Government - Conspiracy thriller: -> Agencies

Companies - Conglomerates
Manipulator -
Criminals - Murderers/Assassins/Kidnappers
Handicapped - Deformed
Absent Villain/Supernatural

Editing Evaluation

When editing, I found it to be very advanced for what I knew about it. The programme and the features that came with it were very confusing. I had to learn how to use it and quick, so I set off in working out some of the tools uses, the video and sound manipulation, and the cutting and cropping tools. 

When I eventually began to work the effects and tools that were used in Adobe Premier, It was relatively easy to manipulate the footage you had. It was also fairly easy to place transitions into the clips to create intervals for the following scene. In the end, I did not go into any major depth with the editing as I wasn’t sure the outcome would be suitable for the children’s drama. 

I managed to overcome any issues whilst editing and found the task to be fairly simple but also very long and time consuming. It took at least 3 weeks of total time on the editing to complete the production for viewing. A total overall time of about 1 ½ months was spent working on the edits and the recordings. This was just to get them up to scratch. Some edits were not used at all, but I did not throw them away.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Children's Drama Project

Children’s drama report
I am writing this report on the children’s drama – Sarah Jane Adventures.
Key points:
-          British Science Fiction Television Series.
-          Staring Elizabeth Sladen.
-          Created as a spin off from the long running science fiction programme, Doctor Who.
-          Each episode had a 25 min time slot in which to fill.
-          Special 60 min slot for “Invasion of the Bane.

-          The initial idea of Sarah Jane Adventures was to grasp a spin off from Doctor Who. Sarah Jane was present in a few of the Doctor Who episodes and was shown as being one of the many faithful companions. She later started her own series of children’s drama’s that were a complete success. The episodes that were created had the science fiction setting to them with aliens and paranormal activities present. Sarah Jane and her companions set out to investigate the happenings and then figure out how to dispose of the entities.

-          Sarah Jane would always be present with the ever so familiar K-9. K-9 would only be present in a few of the Doctor Who episodes. He was a robot dog that would follow the commands of his master. K-9 was not present in all of the Sarah Jane Adventure series but he was present in 6 episodes in the third series and shown again for 2 more appearances in the forth series. K-9 was not present in the fifth series of Sarah Jane Adventures at all.

-          There were a grand total of twelve episodes that were very well presented. Watch by thousands of younger viewers. Sarah Jane was present in many of the last episodes before a new doctor was present, such as: The Five Doctors (1983), School Reunion (2006), The stolen Earth (2008), Journeys End (2008), and The End of Time (2010).

- Elisabeth starred in four series of the popular CBBC series, from 2007 - 2011.She first became famous for playing Doctor Who's assistant Sarah Jane, in the BBC TV series Doctor Who back in the 1970s.Elisabeth had been really ill with cancer for some time. Sarah Jane Adventures creator Russell T Davies said Lis was "simply wonderful."
He said: "I absolutely loved Lis. She was funny and cheeky and clever. The universe was lucky to have Sarah Jane Smith; the world was lucky to have Lis."
Elisabeth first appeared as journalist Sarah Jane with the third Doctor in 1973, and she went on to help the fourth Doctor too.
When she returned in the Sarah Jane Adventures, the show became one of the most successful children's programmes in recent years.
Talking about playing Sarah Jane, Elisabeth said: "It's quite a shock sometimes. I had no idea the response was going to be this huge. It's such a great standard to set and we are all so pleased to be part of that."
The makers of Doctor Who say they're planning a tribute to the actress when the series returns on Saturday.
- Sadly Elisabeth passed away from cancer at the age of 63.
Ref: BBCNEWS Website.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Insidious Codes and Conventions

Insidious Codes and Conventions
The Narrative:
 This is a story about 2 young boys, the baby, the mother and their father. The son, Dalton, fell into a coma after seeing spiritual beings. It was believed he would not awaken from this coma and was placed under the care of his mother. His father would leave for work in the mornings and not come home until the following morning. He would say “I’m sorry; I had to stay behind to complete some exams”.  Later in the film, the mother starts to capture movement in the corners of her eyes. She starts to see grown men and little children running around the house.
She becomes very worried and wants to leave the house. She explains this to her husband when he comes home from another long night at work. He sees that she is scared to death and makes the move to move houses.  When they get to the new house, the mother realises the entities have followed them. They ask for help from a friend who then refers them onto someone she knows. A woman then appears with her 2 associates and begins to scan the house for the unknown. They get a few shocking surprises with close up contact. The older women then proceeds by creating a board event that allows the spirits to talk to the host. There is a lot of movement and action in this part of the film. The woman conducting the ceremony reveals that Dalton is a traveller with the ability of leaving his physical body and then travelling into an alternate world. She reveals that his spiritual body is trapped in a place called the further. This place is not for the living and that the entities are trying to gain access to his empty physical body. The woman reveals that Josh (the father) is also a traveller. He has to go into this world and seek out Dalton in the Further, and bring him back.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Drama – Ben Toplis
3 x 50 Min's 
Drama Mini-Series
Tony belongs to a private organisation that concentrates on gaining government information and then changing it to suit the requirement of a person’s life. There is a certain fee to pay for each individual, which does not come cheap. Tony is being tracked by the government and is about to face the consequences.
Part 1 – Opening Sequence
The story begins with a view off a large organisational building. A view of the main doors opens up with a tracking motion (camera) moving throughout the building, up elevator shafts, through air ducts etc. Whilst this motion is happening, there will be a matrix effect on a few of the walls. This opening sequence will take us through the building to tony’s office, here, the sound will go silent and the camera will do a close up of tony. All you will here at this stage is Tony typing on his computer.
Part 1 – Tony is busy typing up reports about foreign objects contaminating our environment for his boss. He then receives an unexpected email from an unknown source. Like most people, Tony ignored the email as he thinks it may contain something harmful. We then see 6 hours into the future. Tony is present as he comes back from a coffee break and sits back down at his desk. All of a sudden, he receives another email from this unknown source. This email automatically opens and tony has lost all control of his computer. A box appears on the screen and words start to appear, “Tony, I can not reveal my identity at this time, but we are in dire need of your assistance, Come to the following destination enclosed in the envelope”. Tony struggles to work out what is meant by this and tries to forget about the whole thing. He does not inform anybody as to what has happened. He then leaves work to make his way home.

Part 2 – We see Tony climbing the stairs to his flat, he opens the door to find an envelope on the floor, he picks at his brains for a short period of time before he realises that it is more than likely the envelope he was told he would receive. He sits down on his sofa and opens the envelope. It reads “We would like to meet you tony, you could be something people dream off. The pay is incredible, Please come to the following address”. Tony spends numerous hours thinking what he could be in for, what could happen and if there was any route out of it. He knew he was being followed but how. Where is the address?
Later that night, Tony is lying in bed in darkness with the bedside lamp directed at his face. Tony is mumbling words to himself, he then suddenly jumps up and says “I wonder”. He then runs to his computer and looks at the emails he received. He remembered, he could make a bounce connection back to the sender. He does this and another pop up box appeared on his computer. It said “Well done Tony, come to this address and we will talk”. Tony now knew where he was going. His brain flowing with information, so much so that he fell asleep thinking about it. Several weird dreams later!
Part 3 – Tony woke up early in the morning and made his way to the address, a train and several bus expenses later, he turned up at and abandoned apartment building. The building was very secluded and had hundreds of wires smothered on the outside of the building. Tony thought nothing of this but entered the address anyway. Just inside the main door of the building, there was a young lad waiting. He guided Tony up to the second floor of the complex, passing many open doors, holding hundreds of computers and what looked like servers. He then entered a room which contained an older man. After a long chat, Tony had been hired to work in a government infiltration business. Tony had the skills and was accepted with arms open wide. Not long after joining, he managed to infiltrate a corporate system and killed of all information on the system. Tony later realised that this was not an attempt at a job, but that he had been stitched up. He decided he will dig up some information about the person he was working for and found the worst possible information possible. He was just a computer programme who was sceduled for deletion. He could do nothing to prevent this and soon disappeared.
Production Style: 
The shots will mostly be tracking shots. This allows us to follow Tony and the events that happen. This character moves around a lot, There is not much dialogue to follow. There will be a few close up shots on Tony and 1 or 2 at the meeting point.
The editing will involve a few visual effects such as the title sequence and the email pop up. The editing will be at a pace that allows us to follow the footsteps in which Tony is taking. Most of the drama will be following Tony.
The soundtrack will be very Techno. It will need to be similar to the Matrix theme. Out of this world.

Tony will be played by- Johny Lee Miller 
Mysterious Man will me played by- David A. Stewart
The 3 Part drama will be filmed on a London estate.

References: The Matrix
References: Tron

Narrow Road to Nowhere

Narrow Road to Nowhere
Documentary – Ben Toplis

1 x 30 Min's 
One-off documentary
A documentary following child and the relationships they have through online interaction. Will follow the lives of children and their use of Internet (Parents will be present at all times). Looking at how venerable children can be and how to avoid obvious attacks.
Looking at previous attacks through the Internet, Ways in which these attacks can be avoided and prevented. How to report these attacks, and which companies can do something about it. Personal interview with CEOP to gain their views on the subject.
We will also be walking the life of a child whist they are using Social networking websites and messenger programmes. We will be asking them questions to see if they know who they are actually talking to. We shall write reports and gather information. Any stressing information will be passed on to the correct authority.
Introduction – For the introduction, we will have a voice over that will tell the viewers what it is the documentary is about. It will be simple and easy to understand as well as what will be included. This may also be an opportunity to cover anyone that may be present in the documentary or an actor to take the place of any children.
Scene 1 – We will begin by introducing our presenter for the day, the presenter will then describe what is going on, what has happened, and who they are going to see. He/She will then be present with a family that has had issues with the online relationship issues. There will be a 1 to 1 cover with the parents and then a 1 to 1 with the child/children. (All parents will be present).
Scene 2 – With the correct permission, we will follow the Child's activities whilst they are on a computer. They will inform us as to what they do in their everyday activities, who they talk to, and how much information they give out every day.
Scene 3 – We will then meet up with one of the personnel that work with CEOP and have a discussion on some of the security features and certain measures they have in place for protecting children against attacks. This will be brief as we must then bring the data we have gained back to the parents and show them what can be done.
Scene 4 – We will then go away and look at some safety software that can be placed onto a computer for other security protection. We will do some surveys into which is best to use and how popular the software is. This will show the population the different methods that can be taken to secure your children.
Scene 5 – We will then close the documentary with the information we have learnt, as well as solutions to take if you feel your child is vulnerable. 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Internet safety/Support - Emotional Abuse

"Emotional abuse is when someone says or does something that makes you feel bad about yourself, or that hurts your feelings. Emotional abuse can be difficult to explain but it’s the way that it makes you feel that is important. If the way someone treats you and what they say and do to you makes you scared, sad or upset – that’s emotional abuse".

- Quote: Child line

What long term affects can emotional abuse have on you?

: Emotional abuse leaves imprints on a person. They will grow up to be a different person, to look at everything in a different light. Relationships can cause issues, bullying will cause many different types of depression or you might just have high anxiety.

Why do people emotionally abuse others?

: Certain people may think that it is all-right to abuse a person emotionally, due to a past that they may have with that person or they just found a weak point in a person and wish to take advantage of this. No matter what the circumstances are, it is not OK to do this at any point. Some people may not realise they are emotionally bullying at times, this method is not commonly picked up by a person but they know they have said the wrong thing when you get a response from the other party. Direct emotional bullying is not right and you should not have to put up with it. Be careful with the actions you may take, think about outcomes.

Internet safety/Support - Family Relationships

" Families are supposed to be caring and loving towards one another. They are the people you should feel most safe and secure with. It can be normal for families not to get along with each other sometimes. Every family has problems from time to time, even if they are usually happy and don't often argue".

- Quote: Child line

- My parents are arguing. Is it your fault?

: When your parents argue, it can seem like you are to blame. There is no reason to be worried as this is not the case. 7/10 parents may bring up your name whilst having an argument, but this is only due to the amount of responsibility they carry. There are many different things that your parents may be disagreeing about, but this is not your fault.

- Can I improve the relationship with my parents? and how?

: Yes, a relationship can be cured by making the first step. This will mean that you have to take some responsibility and gain a little confidence. Talking to you parents in a calm manner can solve a lot of issues, but when you listen to what they have to say, without going of in a puff, makes them feel that you are listening and they wont need to repeatedly say the information over and over again. You can always phone up people through the Child line service so that you may practice what you are going to say and how, or even to take a break for the stress and talk to someone you feel will listen.