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Monday, January 2, 2012

Internet safety/Support - Emotional Abuse

"Emotional abuse is when someone says or does something that makes you feel bad about yourself, or that hurts your feelings. Emotional abuse can be difficult to explain but it’s the way that it makes you feel that is important. If the way someone treats you and what they say and do to you makes you scared, sad or upset – that’s emotional abuse".

- Quote: Child line

What long term affects can emotional abuse have on you?

: Emotional abuse leaves imprints on a person. They will grow up to be a different person, to look at everything in a different light. Relationships can cause issues, bullying will cause many different types of depression or you might just have high anxiety.

Why do people emotionally abuse others?

: Certain people may think that it is all-right to abuse a person emotionally, due to a past that they may have with that person or they just found a weak point in a person and wish to take advantage of this. No matter what the circumstances are, it is not OK to do this at any point. Some people may not realise they are emotionally bullying at times, this method is not commonly picked up by a person but they know they have said the wrong thing when you get a response from the other party. Direct emotional bullying is not right and you should not have to put up with it. Be careful with the actions you may take, think about outcomes.

Internet safety/Support - Family Relationships

" Families are supposed to be caring and loving towards one another. They are the people you should feel most safe and secure with. It can be normal for families not to get along with each other sometimes. Every family has problems from time to time, even if they are usually happy and don't often argue".

- Quote: Child line

- My parents are arguing. Is it your fault?

: When your parents argue, it can seem like you are to blame. There is no reason to be worried as this is not the case. 7/10 parents may bring up your name whilst having an argument, but this is only due to the amount of responsibility they carry. There are many different things that your parents may be disagreeing about, but this is not your fault.

- Can I improve the relationship with my parents? and how?

: Yes, a relationship can be cured by making the first step. This will mean that you have to take some responsibility and gain a little confidence. Talking to you parents in a calm manner can solve a lot of issues, but when you listen to what they have to say, without going of in a puff, makes them feel that you are listening and they wont need to repeatedly say the information over and over again. You can always phone up people through the Child line service so that you may practice what you are going to say and how, or even to take a break for the stress and talk to someone you feel will listen.