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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Internet Safety/Support - Organizations

-Worthy of our trust - Is the organization worthy of the trust we wish to give them. Will they care for our children and will they inform us of every bit of information regarding the children. With so many incidents reported on the news with abductions and attacks, are they safe?
-Individuals and their problems! - When dealing with these individuals, are the problems able to be solved and does the behaviour of the children affect family's and the relationships between the parent's and child.
- Points to complete:
* Strong awareness of the children.
*Understand the impacts of their behaviour.
*Healthy boundaries.
*Excellent communication skills.
*A high level of personal integrity.

-Most people are More likely to protect ourselves, rather than opening up and solving the problem.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Internet Safety/Support - Emotional Safety

-Stay Calm - When around children, You must be care full of what you say. Little things that may mean nothing to an adult can be greatly magnified in a child's mind. Children have the ability to overhear everything that is said as the parents do not believe they will understand, let alone care about what is being said... Well.... They do.
-Voice - When speaking to a child, there is a few techniques that that give the child a positive message. The easiest way to to keep a child calm is to move down to their level, lower your voice so they do not get scared and make direct eye contact.
-Explanation - Explanation is key. Explain in details that are understandable to children. This involves mot using outrageous terminology and pronouncing your words correct. You MUST NOT raise your voice at any moment in time. Make sure what you are saying is correct and try not to babble on to much as they will not listen and will also not understand.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Internet Safety/Support - Help

Where is the safety, where is the help!

-Cell Phone - When travelling, it is always best to carry a mobile phone around with you. This can be used in case emergency assistance is needed. These phones can be programmed to contact the local police. This allows for a quicker response as it is not the general emergency number.
-Planning - When travelling, it is always best to plan when you are going, how your getting there, and any routes out of the area if there is a problem.
-Public Assistance - The best way to gain the attention of the public is to make the biggest scene you possibly can, do not think this will be inappropriate because it could me the difference between life and death. Be ready to to make someone feel bad by offending, embarrass, inconvenience to protect your well-being.
-Boundaries - Be prepared to make your Friends and family know where they stand, tell them what makes you uncomfortable and may possibly make you feel offended. You want to trust your Friends, not be betrayed by them.

Internet Safety/Support - Disabilities and Special Needs

Self Protection - Disabilities

- Personal Safety and Disabilities - There is speculation to suggest main causes of helplessness in disabled people is to worry. This engages there mind to think that there is no possible way that they can defend themselves.
- Different - If your disability is different to others but is more visible to the eye, it is proven that you are more likely to be the victim of an attack.
- 3 Ways to work around this - Aware, Calm, and Confident.
* One of the best ways to make people aware that you are not easily venerable is to bring a strong sense of confidence around with you, it is said that raising your head higher then most will bring the enjoyment you wish to have. It also brings comfort to your mind as well as easing the mind from thoughts of attacks.
* This method is shown to prevent attackers from making you there victim but instead wanting to engage in friendly chit chat with you. No matter how afraid or challenged you may find the task, it will always be your move that counts.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Internet Safety/Support - Children and Youths

Adult Leadership: - (Information obtained by studies in United States)

- Personal Safety: Children and youths are very venerable to attacks from outside Internet sources. Adult Supervision should be used to watch over a child's actions whilst on any Internet sites.
- Violence against young people: A study was done to attain information into how many Adults feel there children are venerable to cyber attacks. These results show us that over 60% of children were either venerable or have already been part of an attack in just 2009 alone.
- Friend or Foe: Universities and scientists alike have gathered remarkable amounts of data that show that a worrying amount of these attacks are not from strangers but people that the children and youths know.
- Trusting your enemy: Results also show us that molesters act in a way that allows a family, Friends or children to trust them by working within there company for over a year. After this period of time they usually work out any vulnerabilities that exist whilst in the company of there targets.
- Information that needs to be said: Children need to be informed of the dangers that exist. Once this has been said by a parent, the children suddenly become anxious and more wary of the people they talk to.
- Adult supervision: The adults MUST keep an eye on there children and always listen to what they are saying no matter how boring it may be.