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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Task 2 - Initial Research Subject

Gloria Swanson
( Gloria Josephine Mae Swanson )
( AKA – Gloria Mae )
Birth – Death – Hometown
ž  She was born in 1897
ž  She was from Chicago – In a place called Illinois.
ž  She died on April 4Th 1983
ž  She began filming on 1913 in Chicago.
ž  She progressed from silent film to sound movies.
ž  She played in a film called Airport 75 where she starred herself.
ž  She won an Oscar in the film The Trespasser.
ž  In 1920 she became a megastar.
ž  She retired from film in 1934.
Lifestyle outside of film
ž  Was designed coats and jackets by Sonia Delainey.
ž  She was married to her co-player Wallace Berry in 1916.
ž  They went to Hollywood together and starred in a run of Mack Sennett romantic comedies.
Lifestyle outside of film – Cont.
ž  She later switched to Paramount and starred in Cecil B. Demilles adult screwball comedies.
ž  In 1927, her banker ( Lover ), Joseph Kennedy backed her as a producer – Leading to the Oscar.
ž  “I am big, it’s the pictures that got small”.
ž  “I’m ready for my close-up Mr DeM,ille”.

Task 1 - Presentation and communication skills

-          To discuss the do’s + do not’s in presentations and communications.
-          To create a presentable debate/discussion.
-          To learn about the different questions types.
-          To type- up notes on your blogs and continue looking at children’s drama.

Have good eye contact.
Don’t mumble.
Speak loud and clear.
Don’t speak to quickly.
Use appropriate language.
Don’t have inappropriate/bad resources.
Get the audience to ask you questions.
Don’t read it word for word from the PowerPoint.
Relevant images and information.
Don’t do long pauses.
Check grammar, spell check, punctuation.
Don’t go off topic or put your back to the audience.
Be prepared.
Do not speak to the ground or to the air.

“Tell me about…”
“What do you understand by…?”
“Why do you find ‘X’ interesting?”
“Can you give me an example of…?”
“What differences do you see between ‘X’ and ‘Y’?”
“What do you think about…?”
What are the advantages/disadvantages of…?”

Why, What, Where, When, Who, How?