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Monday, November 28, 2011

Celtx exploration con't

-OK so I'm going to talk about importing and exporting a celtx document. So, to import a script, first work your way over to the script button on the top left on the screen. You will be presented with 2 options at the very top. They both work in similar contexts. They both present a box when clicked on which practically guides you through the importing and exporting process.

-At any point when writing, you can change the script into a different template by going into the script button again. Follow this up by clicking on the Adapt to button and selecting the correct template. You also have the option to check your spelling. This will make sure the script is correct and the terminology is accurate.

-At the bottom right of the screen, you will notice there are slightly small bits of text which show shortcuts. These will help when it comes to creating your Celtx document. Also to the left of them is an entire row of headings. These are used to insert title pages, notes and reports into your document.

-On the right of the screen is a tab called Breakdown. This can be used to show what part of the team is to use a certain part of a script. This helps when a script needs to be learnt as well as directions that need to be taken. Media is used to place soundtracks onto the script. This does not mean the crew hear a soundtrack when they open the script, instead it just shows them what song will need to be played when that part of the script is being used.

Celtx - Guide on uses - Exploring the programme!

When starting Celtx, a welcome box will appear which asks for you to select from project templates/sample templates. Once you have selected a template, the project screen will open. At this stage you can start writing up your script. You should make sure you can upload the script by creating an account for it to be placed, make sure to use information relevant to the computer you are using it on.

Such as a college password and user name, so that it is easy to remember. To save the file, all you have to do is go into the file button on the top left corner and press save. Make sure there is sufficient space in the storage area. To delete the file, just go into the area which the file is saved into and delete it from there.