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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Task 3

TASK 3: Single Camera Formats
1.    a relevant code of practice  #codesofpractice[1.1]

Introduction: To start off with, I will be choosing 3 of the most relevant codes of practice that I believe are most important. Then I will continue to write brief explanations on a few extra codes of practice that may be relevant but not completely necessary.

The first choice I have made is:
-       Health and safety in a workplace whilst on and off a set. There must be safety procedures in place to prevent any unwanted/unneeded accidents from happening to cast and crew members.

My second choice would have been:
-       There must be no lawbreaking or illegal activity in any children’s drama production. This can cause discrepancies with the parents of children, but most of all, children are liable to learn. Things children see, they like to re-act which can cause major problems for a company if such a thing were to go wrong and someone was to get hurt.

My third most important choice would be:
-       Scenes of a sexual nature. These are prohibited before 9 o’clock for watershed reasons. It is important to control/filter the amount of un-censored images, video clips and information that passes through television before 9 o’clock. All nudity and bad language, is usually shown after 9 o’clock as this is the most common time for children to be removed from the room and sent to bed, commonly known as “Adult time”.

There are more choices to choice from, but I believe these three are the most important. Here are a few more that are just as important but do not meet the maximum requirement.

-       Racism and sexism – These matters are taken very seriously and will hardly ever be an issue in any programme. When it comes to films, there may be scenes which have mild racism or sexism features. The box in which the film was contained would say what features are in the film on the back.
-       Flashing lights and load noise – These 2 features can be bad for viewers with epilepsy. The film has this almost 100% of the time and gives the viewers the best possible warning about flashing lights as soon as possible. TV programmes will give a commentary on just before the programme is about to start.
-       Violence – Violence is only tolerated in high age restricted films, on TV however, it is a completely different story. TV will not broadcast any violence until it meets the watershed hours.

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