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Monday, December 5, 2011

Internet Safety/Support - Children and Youths

Adult Leadership: - (Information obtained by studies in United States)

- Personal Safety: Children and youths are very venerable to attacks from outside Internet sources. Adult Supervision should be used to watch over a child's actions whilst on any Internet sites.
- Violence against young people: A study was done to attain information into how many Adults feel there children are venerable to cyber attacks. These results show us that over 60% of children were either venerable or have already been part of an attack in just 2009 alone.
- Friend or Foe: Universities and scientists alike have gathered remarkable amounts of data that show that a worrying amount of these attacks are not from strangers but people that the children and youths know.
- Trusting your enemy: Results also show us that molesters act in a way that allows a family, Friends or children to trust them by working within there company for over a year. After this period of time they usually work out any vulnerabilities that exist whilst in the company of there targets.
- Information that needs to be said: Children need to be informed of the dangers that exist. Once this has been said by a parent, the children suddenly become anxious and more wary of the people they talk to.
- Adult supervision: The adults MUST keep an eye on there children and always listen to what they are saying no matter how boring it may be.

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