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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Narrow Road to Nowhere

Narrow Road to Nowhere
Documentary – Ben Toplis

1 x 30 Min's 
One-off documentary
A documentary following child and the relationships they have through online interaction. Will follow the lives of children and their use of Internet (Parents will be present at all times). Looking at how venerable children can be and how to avoid obvious attacks.
Looking at previous attacks through the Internet, Ways in which these attacks can be avoided and prevented. How to report these attacks, and which companies can do something about it. Personal interview with CEOP to gain their views on the subject.
We will also be walking the life of a child whist they are using Social networking websites and messenger programmes. We will be asking them questions to see if they know who they are actually talking to. We shall write reports and gather information. Any stressing information will be passed on to the correct authority.
Introduction – For the introduction, we will have a voice over that will tell the viewers what it is the documentary is about. It will be simple and easy to understand as well as what will be included. This may also be an opportunity to cover anyone that may be present in the documentary or an actor to take the place of any children.
Scene 1 – We will begin by introducing our presenter for the day, the presenter will then describe what is going on, what has happened, and who they are going to see. He/She will then be present with a family that has had issues with the online relationship issues. There will be a 1 to 1 cover with the parents and then a 1 to 1 with the child/children. (All parents will be present).
Scene 2 – With the correct permission, we will follow the Child's activities whilst they are on a computer. They will inform us as to what they do in their everyday activities, who they talk to, and how much information they give out every day.
Scene 3 – We will then meet up with one of the personnel that work with CEOP and have a discussion on some of the security features and certain measures they have in place for protecting children against attacks. This will be brief as we must then bring the data we have gained back to the parents and show them what can be done.
Scene 4 – We will then go away and look at some safety software that can be placed onto a computer for other security protection. We will do some surveys into which is best to use and how popular the software is. This will show the population the different methods that can be taken to secure your children.
Scene 5 – We will then close the documentary with the information we have learnt, as well as solutions to take if you feel your child is vulnerable. 

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