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Monday, January 30, 2012

Notes- Character Archetypes

Aim: To understand different character types in thriller.

Protagonist: Good people - Are not aware of who is actually aligned with them.
Antagonist: Bad guys

Dramatic Irony: The viewers know more than the character.
Character Archetypes: Protagonist <- False Hero -> Antagonist

Handicap Protagonist - Paul Sheldon
                                 - Broken Legs - Bone Collectors
                                 - Rear Window
-> Physical Handicap
-> Mental Handicap

Picaresque Hero - Use wits and charm to escape problems.
Unaware Hero - Become Involved in a plot by mistake.
-> Mistaken Identity

Unreliable Narration -
Women in Peril -

Government - Conspiracy thriller: -> Agencies

Companies - Conglomerates
Manipulator -
Criminals - Murderers/Assassins/Kidnappers
Handicapped - Deformed
Absent Villain/Supernatural

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