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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Task 2 - Initial Research Subject

Gloria Swanson
( Gloria Josephine Mae Swanson )
( AKA – Gloria Mae )
Birth – Death – Hometown
ž  She was born in 1897
ž  She was from Chicago – In a place called Illinois.
ž  She died on April 4Th 1983
ž  She began filming on 1913 in Chicago.
ž  She progressed from silent film to sound movies.
ž  She played in a film called Airport 75 where she starred herself.
ž  She won an Oscar in the film The Trespasser.
ž  In 1920 she became a megastar.
ž  She retired from film in 1934.
Lifestyle outside of film
ž  Was designed coats and jackets by Sonia Delainey.
ž  She was married to her co-player Wallace Berry in 1916.
ž  They went to Hollywood together and starred in a run of Mack Sennett romantic comedies.
Lifestyle outside of film – Cont.
ž  She later switched to Paramount and starred in Cecil B. Demilles adult screwball comedies.
ž  In 1927, her banker ( Lover ), Joseph Kennedy backed her as a producer – Leading to the Oscar.
ž  “I am big, it’s the pictures that got small”.
ž  “I’m ready for my close-up Mr DeM,ille”.

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