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Monday, December 12, 2011

Internet Safety/Support - Help

Where is the safety, where is the help!

-Cell Phone - When travelling, it is always best to carry a mobile phone around with you. This can be used in case emergency assistance is needed. These phones can be programmed to contact the local police. This allows for a quicker response as it is not the general emergency number.
-Planning - When travelling, it is always best to plan when you are going, how your getting there, and any routes out of the area if there is a problem.
-Public Assistance - The best way to gain the attention of the public is to make the biggest scene you possibly can, do not think this will be inappropriate because it could me the difference between life and death. Be ready to to make someone feel bad by offending, embarrass, inconvenience to protect your well-being.
-Boundaries - Be prepared to make your Friends and family know where they stand, tell them what makes you uncomfortable and may possibly make you feel offended. You want to trust your Friends, not be betrayed by them.

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