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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Internet Safety/Support - Emotional Safety

-Stay Calm - When around children, You must be care full of what you say. Little things that may mean nothing to an adult can be greatly magnified in a child's mind. Children have the ability to overhear everything that is said as the parents do not believe they will understand, let alone care about what is being said... Well.... They do.
-Voice - When speaking to a child, there is a few techniques that that give the child a positive message. The easiest way to to keep a child calm is to move down to their level, lower your voice so they do not get scared and make direct eye contact.
-Explanation - Explanation is key. Explain in details that are understandable to children. This involves mot using outrageous terminology and pronouncing your words correct. You MUST NOT raise your voice at any moment in time. Make sure what you are saying is correct and try not to babble on to much as they will not listen and will also not understand.

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